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We use numbers to create successful, profitable websites.

Numbers aren’t boring. They’re a reflection of your website’s success.

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Advanced Webs Tracking + Analytics Setup

Our analytics experts are professional number crunchers. We’ve got robust expertise in breaking down company website data, and using that data to strengthen your business online.

Using your data, we’ll use valuable insights to increase revenue, improve profitability or better achieve your business goals.


Basic Web Tracking + Analytics Setup

Configure Google Tag Manager – this tool lets us measure your advertising return on investment, track your social networking and more.

Add Facebook Tracking Pixel – this will let us track the actions of your customers and see how your social media marketing is performing.

Add Google Analytics Tag – this software allows us to deploy “tags” (a fancy word for pieces of code) to your website, making tracking analytics a whole lot easier.

Add Google Ads Conversion Linker – this lets us see how often your ads are being clicked.

Configure custom tracking pixels – also called ‘marketing pixels’, these track the behaviour of your visitors, traffic, conversion and other metrics! QuantCast is an example.


E-commerce data and analytics

User Segmentation: This means breaking down your website visitors into different “segments” – whether it be users from a particular country or users who visited a specific part of your site. We’ll find out which segment is most likely to convert – and help you build a digital strategy targeting that segment.

Overall Conversion Rate Analysis: Something every business owner loves. It’s what you need to know to make sure your store is as profitable as possible. In Google Analytics, your conversion rate is calculated as the number of goal conversions divided by the number of sessions. In most e-commerce stores, this goal will be a purchase event on your website.

Cart Abandonment Rate: Something every business owner hates. Your cart abandonment data represents missed sales opportunities from customers that were only moments away from converting! Learn what that rate is, and how to bring it down.


Data and analytics consulting experts

Our web consultants are professionals in all things data.

Dedicating to crunching the numbers and placing your website on the path to triumph.

We’ve got the accreditations and partnerships with all the major data and analytics platforms.


Our Data and Analytics Consulting Services

A/B Testing – Want to know the optimal design for a website?

We’ll compare two versions of your website against each other – the data will tell us which version performs better.

User Acquisition Insights – Want to know how each customer first interacted with your website? Or how many visits they before reaching out?

We’ll monitor that data – and use it to show you how you can make traffic and conversions even higher.

Enhanced E-commerce Tracking – Don’t guess your e-commerce success. Activating Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking feature is critical for any e-commerce website.

We’ll get it set it up for you so you can get clear conversion data.

Custom Website Events – This magic tool lets you know the data of all those little nuances that make your website work.

How many visitors are completing your Contact Form but not clicking “Submit”? How many hover over the “Call Us” button, but don’t actually click it? Custom events will often provide the answers.

Frequently asked questions

In-depth analytics are crucial in ensuring your website is performing as effectively as it is designed to. While it is possible to get an array of insight into the performance of your site, one of the most important datasets is knowing who is visiting your site. When you know their age, gender, and location, you can ensure you are always targeting the most relevant customers.

Equally as important is understanding the source of your traffic (whether they are direct, from search engines or from referrals) and which pages your visitors are clicking.

Enquire about Data and Analytics Consulting

Stone Digital offers a free complimentary consultation to discuss all your Google Analytics and Website Data problems and needs. Book your session today!

Or leave a message

We’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

Enquire about Data and Analytics Consulting

Stone Digital offers a free complimentary consultation to discuss all your Google Analytics and Website Data problems and needs. Book your session today!

Or leave a message

We'll get back to you within 1 business day.

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