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Digital Strategy

Get expert insights and recommendations on key tech decisions for your business.

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Tailored strategic advice to build a powerful online business

A brand doesn’t just develop itself. New customers don’t just fall out of the sky. Businesses don’t grow (on trees) without a plan.

The key to scaling your business online is adopting a well-thought, long-term digital strategy.

Lucky for you – your digital strategy consulting experts are right here and ready to help.

Whether it’s developing a website, building a Shopify store, a web application or boosting your SEO, our team is here to make the magic happen.


Success doesn’t appear out of nowhere.

Heard of internet marketing but aren’t sure what digital options there are?

Need to know what all the changes in technology (whether it’s “the cloud” or “remote working”) mean for your business?

Eager to know the latest tech trends and how it can impact your industry?

Don’t leave your website success to chance. Get tailored advice on how to make it thrive – with a well-executed game plan.

Book in a strategy session – and we’ll put you on the right path.


A tailored strategy from Stone Digital walks you through every stage of the customer journey.

If you choose us as your experts, we’ll get right into the work:

Concept design: We’ll help you define your customers’ visions, problems and goals – and craft a concept for your website to help your customers achieve those goals.

Development: We’ll put our tech hats on and build your website and all the applications it needs to create an enriching user experience

Test, test, test: We’ll battle test  your website to ensure the interface and the customer journey is seamless

Continued support: We’ll provide ongoing advice to making sure you’re constantly meeting your business goals through your website


Tech trends are constantly evolving.

There’s an ocean of new emerging tech trends and a wealth of complex programming languages out there.

Why should you care? Well – they’ll influence your business and your industry in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.

Don’t get left behind. Understand these trends and learn how to tackle them through working with Stone Digital.

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