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Multilingual Website Development

Creating multilingual websites for the world – and turning everyone into a customer

In our modern digital age, your business needs to speak to as many people as it possibly can.

And that means breaking down the language barrier on your website, turning your business into a global enterprise.

By speaking to prospects in a language they understand, the opportunities to connect with new customers are limitless.

Multilingual Website Development

Why do you need a multilingual website?

Get a larger customer base – Believe it or not, only 25% of Internet users have English as their native tongue. Get a multilingual site and capture the remaining 75%.

Reduce the ‘bounce’ rate – most consumers (that is, over 72%) spend most or all of their time on websites of their own language. If a foreign prospect arrives in your store and doesn’t speak the language, they’ll ‘bounce’ right out of there!

International SEO – Boost your ranking on search engines around the world (not just domestically) and kill your online competition.

Cost-effective marketing – building a multilingual website is much more affordable than creating a whole new website in another language from scratch.

Multilingual Website Development

Let the experts create an inspirational multilingual website

Our team of expert web developers here at Stone Digital have unrivalled experience when it comes to creating state-of-the-art multilingual websites.

We’ve built multilingual websites for travel agency websites, law firms and even a museum – so let the professionals help your business tap into limitless global opportunities.

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