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Web App Development

Seamless, secure web app development that leaves a great first impression

A custom web application is a bespoke technical solution designed to address a unique business need. It allows users on a website to perform a particular task seamlessly.

Buying something online? That easy-to-use shopping cart is a ‘web application’. Accessing your Gmail inbox to check your emails? That’s a ‘web application’.

Web App Development

We’ll help you through your app development from beginning to end

  • Strategy – first things first. We’ll dig deep into what your business does, who your clients are, what your industry is and help you put together a robust strategy to achieving the best web app experience for your visitors.
  • Development – our designers will then put on their coding hats, work their magic and craft your app.
  • Testing – our quality assurers will then vigorously battle-test your app to make sure it works in all the different ways your visitors need it to. Nothing will slip through the cracks.
  • Deployment & Support – once we’ve hit the “live” button, we’ll watch your apps come to life and stick by your side if you need any help.
Web App Development

Name the problem, we’ll build an app to solve it.

We build apps to overcome business challenges and solve problems for your customers.

Whether you’re automating business processes, creating a custom tool on your website or building an online form, Stone Digital can assist. Some of what we can do includes:

  • Building online automated processes
  • Creating a user-facing platform
  • Advanced Ecommerce application customisations
  • Creating online quotes or billing tools

You name it, we’ll build it via any of the major programming languages: Node.JS, Python and PHP.

Frequently asked questions

Your website is the first impression that potential customers will see of your brand, so it is crucial that you are giving them the very best experience possible. This is your chance to sell to them what makes you unique, and a templated design that looks like countless others will limit your ability to convert sales.

Your brand is your identity, so you want a website that has been designed just for you and helps to reflect who you are, what you do and what your ethos is.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world and powers 40% of all websites on the internet. Its popularity stems from multiple reasons, but primarily it is incredibly easy to use, fully customisable and very flexible.


WordPress is also very popular thanks to it being far less resource-intensive and cost-effective when compared to a custom, full-stack web development project.

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Web Development never felt so good.

Our web apps will make running your business a breeze. Give us a call and we’ll show you how.

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““Cannot recommend Stone Digital highly enough! Brett did a fantastic job on my website and was able to create the exact vision I was after. He has been extremely helpful since creating the site, happy to make any adjustments and add features as needed. Thank you so much!!”” – Chelsea, September 2020

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