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WordPress Plugin Development

Create a custom WordPress plugin that caters to your business requirements.

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wordpress plugin development

What are WordPress Plugins?

WordPress plugins are pieces of software you can use add functionality to a WordPress website. There are over 55,000 plugins you can integrate – many of which are free to download and many of which require a fee.

Plugins are the reason why WordPress is such a popular content management system. They are specifically designed to add more features that boost the functionality of your site.

Think of them like apps you download on a mobile phone. Each one you install enriches user experience by adding the ability to perform extra tasks, allowing you to achieve your desired outcomes by growing and changing your site’s capabilities.

wordpress plugin development

Why develop a custom WordPress plugin?

Some problems you might experience when running a website are too difficult to solve using a free WordPress Pugin. Perhaps those problems are so specific to your industry or business, that a generic plugin just won’t fit the bill.

Creating a custom plugin is all about building a personalised software solution that you can integrate onto a website, completely tailored to your business requirements (and yours only).

Some custom WordPress plugin examples might be a specific type of online form, calculator, SEO marketing solution or eCommerce feature.


Fully Custom Plugin Development

Our WordPress experts at Stone Digital can shape your website in accordance with your vision with our range of plugin services.

Plugin Creation – We’ll build an incredible WordPress plugin for you from scratch, analysing exactly what your business needs and designing a specific plugin tailored to solve the very particular problem you’re experiencing.

Plugin Customisation – Have an existing plugin that’s working, but could use some customising to really hit the nail on the head? Our experts will play around with it and give it the tweaks it needs to meet that sweet spot.

Plugin Setup and Configuration – There may be no need to reinvent the wheel – perhaps an existing Plugin already can solve the precise problem you need solved. We’ll hunt through the library of over 55,000 Plugins to find exactly what you need – and integrate it to your WordPress site.


Access to high quality WordPress plugins

Through working with Stone Digital, you’ll have access to the highest quality WordPress plugins available on the market. Many premium options will be provided for free within our custom WordPress development services.

Our Partnership Agreement packages include:

  • Access to high quality WordPress Plugins: Stone Digital can bestow upon you all the best and most widely used WordPress plugins available.
  • Low (and even No!) WordPress Plugin Fees: Often, you’ll pay nothing for access to some of these plugins. Stone Digital purchases wholesale agency licences, so our clients often don’t have to a cent – and if they do, they don’t pay full price!
  • WordPress Plugin Customisation: Once you get a plugin, we’ll customise it so it achieves exactly what you want it to. Sometimes, plugins require tweaks to perfectly suit very specific business requirements. We have unrivalled experience in implementing this – providing a seamless experience as you manage your website.

Frequently asked questions

Our Sydney based web development agency is a proud contributor to the WordPress community, and we have strong expertise across all matters related to WordPress.

Our WordPress experts have worked on exciting WordPress projects that include developing custom WordPress plugins, custom themes and also customising core WordPress features.Our strong experience with all aspects of WordPress make us your one stop shop if you need help on anything related to this Content Management System!

A custom API integration will allow your website to add features or additional  functionality that existing plugins or apps simply can’t provide.

Examples of custom API integrations we’ve built include:

  • integration with external booking software APIs
  • Integration with external web scoring APIs
  • Integration with APIs for 3rd party logistics / fulfilment centers

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform available today. WooCommerce is essentially a plugin for WordPress which adds ecommerce functionality to your WordPress website. It boasts over 4 million active installs, a 4.6 user rating on, and an army of happy, loyal digital store owners.

Any custom WordPress Theme or Shopify Theme that we develop will be configured such that team members can easily log into the website dashboard and adjust page content such as written text and images on the website. For example, this would include being able to update description text in the About Page and images in Projects Page.

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We’ll build the plugins you need to create a seamless experience.

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Get in touch with the WordPress Plugin Development experts

We’ll build the plugins you need to create a seamless experience.

Or leave a message

We’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

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