The Story.

Stone Digital (previously jetblack.io) is an organisation that provides a large suite of digital services.

In essence, Stone Digital since the beginning has done everything related to the icons you see below.

Stone Digital, in its previous form, was founded in 2017 by an individual who left his corporate job to pursue a life that combined both business and technology.

Since the founding of Stone Digital, employees within the organisation (including via the previous entity) have worked on projects with global ecommerce websitesinternational consulting companiesnational charities and venture backed startups.

The Mission
Stone Digital takes a leadership role in shaping to create and design a more beautiful internet.
The Work
Stone Digital is endeavouring to make the internet a better looking place through a variety of services.
🖥 Website Design & Development
Build an impressive, eye catching online presence that helps you smash business goals. From design to development, this service enables you to have the right look to take on the internet.
🌟 E-commerce / Online Store Development
E-commerce development, including Shopify and WooCommerce Development, is a service that provides you with a working, scalable online e-commerce store, which includes everything from website design, stock photography and all the technical parts of setting up a top e-commerce store!
📈 Data Analytics
How do you track user behavior on your website? Are you compliant with regulatory requirements? Make sure you find out the answer!
🥇 User Experience Audits
Do you know how users are interacting with your website? Take an audit to map the user experience on your website or platform.
🔍 Website Search Engine Optimisation
Increase the visiblity of your website. You might be surprised how easy an improvement can be.
🖍 Creative Design Services
Pamphlets. Reports. Company Presentation. You name it. Stone Digital can design the impressive, professional document that you're looking for.
🌍 Local SEO
Do you run a locally based business with a physical location? Local SEO can be important to ensure more people see your business when they search local.
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