Our Mission

Become a Top Global Web Agency

At Stone Digital we specialise in custom WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify development projects.
We’re a top quality Web Development Agency and we’re aiming to be one of the best web development agencies in the world.
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Current Vacancies

Mid-Level to Senior WordPress Developer

We offer custom WordPress solutions to create powerful and user-friendly websites that meet your business goals.

Our Core Values

Our mission is to help 1,000+ businesses bring their website ideas to life and deliver more profitable websites.

Simplify for the Client

Navigating the digital realm can be complex, but we pledge to make it straightforward for our clients. We distill intricate processes, ensuring you always understand and are confident in the journey ahead.

Top Quality Development

Excellence isn’t an aspiration; it’s our standard. Every line of code and every pixel is refined to ensure top-tier development.

Team Welfare

The strength of our agency lies in the hands of our team. Their well-being and growth are paramount, fostering a workspace where innovation and camaraderie thrive.

Our Team

Brett Stone

Founder and Director

Jeanette Wang

Director, Projects

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