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Hero Travel x WooCommerce Integration

Hero Travel x WooCommerce Integration

Stone Digital’s Hero Travel x WooCommerce integration helps you display Hero Travel tour products on your WooCommerce website.

Hero Travel and WooCommerce

“Live Availability” calendar on your website

Our integration pulls live availability data from Hero Travel’s API and displays it directly on your website.

Customers can view and select from dates displayed directly on your website.

Customers can book instantly via your website, thus avoiding any manual back-and-forth between you and the customer.

Hero Travel and WooCommerce

Fully integrated with WooCommerce core features

WooCommerce Coupons: Integrated with WooCommerce’s native Coupon functionality to give customers unique discount codes.

Full Access to Analytics: Whole customer journey (from product page to checkout) is completed on your website, so you have full access to the insights and analytics that any regular ecommerce website has eg. conversion rate, page value and more!

WooCommerce Products: Integrated with WooCommerce core ‘simple product’ functionality so you can still sell regular products that don’t require Hero Travel integration eg. physical products like merchandise

Hero Travel x WooCommerce

Accept payments via any Payment Gateway

Our integration supports all payments gateways compatible with WooCommerce. From Afterpay to PayPal, eWays to Stripe and many more!

This gives you the flexibility to accept payments in the way that best suits your business!

Cash / Bank Transfer
Extra Benefits

Benefits of Hero Travel x WooCommerce integration

SEO Friendly: Product information like description, images and availability is displayed as native text on the page, instead of via iframe, which is beneficial for SEO purposes.

Discounts and Price Increase: Our integration allows you to seamlessly add a discount to your tour products (eg. $10 off) or increase the price (eg. boost price by 5%).

Product Data Sync: Our integration has the ability to import the product information from Hero Travel onto your website. This includes import of images, title and descriptions.

Hero Travel and WooCommerce

End-to-end integration between WooCommerce and Hero Travel

Orders: All successful orders appear directly in both your WooCommerce Orders page and your Hero Travel dashboard.

Passenger Information: All passenger information required by Hero Travel (eg. age and mobile number) is seamlessly collected on your website and sent to your Hero Travel dashboard.

Confirmation Messages: Both WooCommerce and HeroTravel will send automated confirmation messages to your customers eg. “Order Success” message from WooCommerce and “Travel Voucher” from Hero Travel.

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