CheapAz Travel

Business Overview

They offer a range of services, including bus passes, day trips, scuba diving, and guided tours. Focused on backpackers and budget travellers, they provide the cheapest deals and personalised travel advice. 

Their offerings cater to various interests, from adventure activities like skydiving to relaxing on beautiful beaches.

CheapAz Travel

Project Overview

In 2018, we transitioned Cheap Az Travel’s website from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress, maintaining their integration with Hero Travel. 

Our work included a sophisticated API integration that allows the website to show live availability on product pages and order synchronisation between the website and 3rd party booking system’s dashboard. 

Our efforts also focused on enhancing the website’s design quality and improving the booking experience, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly interface for customers.

CheapAz Travel

Feature Highlight: API Integration

Stone Digital developed an industry leading API integration with Hero Travel. At the time of development, this the only functioning high quality API integration between a WordPress website and Hero Travel API. 

This feature eradicates the need for time-consuming manual checks with clients and suppliers about available dates.

Customers can now easily view and book available dates for tours directly on the Cheap Az Travel website, eliminating the need for staff intervention. 

This represents a major advancement compared to the usual method used by travel agencies which is very manual and time intensive.

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