Project Overview

Since our partnership with Dowsing in 2022, we have worked on a number of enhancements to their existing website. 

Dowsing had issues with communication and delivery from their previous agency and decided to find an alternative web focused agency, and after research through various firms selected Stone Digital.

Our enhancements to the Dowsing website have included:

  • Custom Location Map: Creating an interactive map to showcase Dowsing’s project locations and services.
  • Single Location Pages: Developing dedicated pages for each location to provide detailed information on services and news from that branch of the business.
  • Improve Performance: Optimising the website’s speed and responsiveness to enhance the user experience.
  • Technical SEO: Implementing advanced technical SEO techniques to improve the website’s visibility and search engine ranking.


Feature Highlight: Interactive Map

Our custom interactive map enables users to explore Dowsing’s projects across Australia and discover the services provided in each area. This map offers a detailed and comprehensive view of Dowsing’s extensive project portfolio and the diverse services they offer.

Due to the requirements of this project, a standard WordPress plugin or off-the-shelf solution was not suitable, so we leveraged our custom development skills to create this feature tailored to the client’s brand and requirements.

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