EBI Fixed Income

Organisation Overview

They offered fixed-income investment opportunities for sophisticated investors. The company ceased operations after its parent group (The iQ Group Global) went into administration in 2022.

EBI Fixed Income

Project Overview

We developed the EBI website, starting from low-fidelity mockups provided by the client. Our work involved refining these mockups into detailed designs that adhered to best practices. Key highlights of our development included:

  • Custom Page Designs: Tailoring each page with unique design requirements.
  • Calculator Feature: Creating a custom calculator for customers to estimate their return on investment.
  • Salesforce Integration: Connecting website inquiries directly to their Salesforce account for streamlined lead management.

EBI Fixed Income

Quote from AFR

“a swanky-looking website”

When referring to the EBI Fixed Income website in this article from Nov 2020.

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