Business Overview

It provides end-to-end supply chain visibility, enabling project teams to track and manage operations from factory to site, thus reducing project risk and material waste. 

The platform replaces traditional spreadsheets and emails with real-time updates from suppliers, manufacturers, logistics, contractors, and fitters. 

Matrak is designed to deliver projects on time and within budget, improving project profitability and reducing risk.


Project Overview

Since our partnership with Matrak began in 2022, we have significantly enhanced their website’s performance, user experience and ease of use in the dashboard. 

Matrak previously encountered challenges with another agency, including poor communication, low-quality work, and unresolved basic bugs.

Our commitment has been to demonstrate our superior service quality, contrasting sharply with their past experiences. 

We’ve emphasised clear communication and delivered high-quality, bug-free work, showcasing our ability as a top tier web development agency.




In the first 12 months of our partnership with Matrak, we implemented numerous enhancements to their website. These include:

  • Enhanced Home Page Design: We introduced a visually appealing and more user-friendly home page layout.
  • Improved Animation Across Website: Added dynamic, engaging animations to various sections for a more interactive experience.
  • New Resource Library: Developed a comprehensive library for users to easily access valuable resources and information.
  • New Press Releases Page: Created a dedicated area for the latest news and company updates, improving communication with visitors.
  • UX Improvements: Made several user-centric design changes to enhance the overall browsing experience.
  • Call To Action Forms in Website: Replaced external HubSpot forms with integrated forms for better analytics and user engagement.

Additionally, we have an exciting roadmap of new updates and features planned for implementation in the website over the
next 6-12 months.

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