Business Overview

Their focus is on creating immersive experiences, blending exceptional drinks, unique culinary offerings, and memorable atmospheres. 

Each Swillhouse venue is characterised by its own style, providing a diverse range of environments for patrons. The company’s dedication to innovation and quality in hospitality has made it a notable name in the industry.



Project Overview

Our engagement with Swillhouse involved a series of key developments for their website, including:

  • Migrate to WordPress: Transitioned from the previous CMS, Kirby, to WordPress for enhanced functionality and user-friendliness.
  • Improve User Editability: Focused on making content updates simpler and more intuitive for the Swillhouse team.
  • Add Swillhouse Membership Feature: Introduced a membership system offering discounts in the online shop and a birthday gift card for members completing a survey.
  • Add “Advanced Reservation” Feature: Enabled Swillhouse members to book tables at venues an additional two weeks in advance, adding exclusivity to the membership perks.


Feature Highlight: Meet and Greet

The Swillhouse Members Program is designed to foster community and reward loyal customers with exclusive benefits.

Our team expertly developed the Swillhouse Members Program utilising our top tier web development expertise. The Members Program offer the following key benefits to customers that complete a short survey: 

  • Advance access to restaurant reservations
  • 20% off anything in the Swillhouse online store
  • First access to ticketed events
  • $20 voucher every birthday to spend in any of our venues.

These custom features involves sophisticated features such as integrations with Shopify’s API to produce the discount code and birthday voucher.

Additionally, the advanced reservation feature requires some advanced development in WordPress to make it a seamless and fast experience for users. 

These technical enhancements and our ability to deliver them in a timely manner, showcase our expertise as a top tier web development agency.


Feature Highlight: Advanced Reservations

For Swillhouse members, we developed the Advanced Reservations feature, enabling priority booking access at Swillhouse venues. 

This exclusive benefit allows members to secure reservations up to two weeks in advance, enhancing their experience and ensuring preferred seating availability. 

This feature not only adds value to the membership but also streamlines the reservation process, showcasing our commitment to delivering sophisticated, user-centric web solutions.

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