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How to embed LinkedIn Company Posts onto your WordPress website

Embedding LinkedIn Company Page Posts onto your WordPress website is not as straight forward as Facebook or Twitter post embeds.

Here at Stone Digital we recently had the experience of embedding LinkedIn company posts onto a custom WordPress website.

During that process, we learnt that embedding LinkedIn Company Page posts onto a WordPress website is not as straightforward as you’d imagine.

Furthermore, the top Google results on this topic are largely incorrect. So we decided to prepare a quick summary of our findings from hours of trial and error across the different promoted solutions.

What is a LinkedIn Company Page

A LinkedIn Company Page is a page built for individual companies or organizations on LinkedIn. They allow users to follow professional updates from individual companies like Microsoft, Atlassian and Stone Digital

Incorrect Solutions

1) LinkedIn’s “Embed this post” code snippet

Embedding a single post is easy. Embedding multiple posts will look a bit messy.

This solution from LinkedIn shows you how to embed individual posts onto your website.

To create a post feed, you would need to copy and paste multiple of these code snippets to your website.

Following our experience testing this approach over many hours, we decided this is not ideal because…
– You cannot control the design and layout within the iframe. Meaning the feed will likely look misaligned and disjointed.
– It’s time consuming to copy and paste code snippets from your LinkedIn page to the website.

2) “LinkedIn Company Updates” WordPress Plugin

“LinkedIn Company Updates” WordPress plugin doesn’t work. We spent hours trying.

This plugin simply doesn’t work. It’s been over 5 years since it was last updated and since then LinkedIn has shutdown the API that was essential to this plugin. More on that below.

3) Custom integration with LinkedIn’s API

LinkedIn has shutdown the ability to pull Company Page post updates from their API.

As highlighted above, LinkedIn has shutdown their API to this functionality and does not approve their API being used to create company page feeds.

Correct Solution: TaggBox

From our research there is only one solution that we found allows you to embed your LinkedIn Company Posts onto a WordPress website.

That is TaggBox: taggbox.com

TaggBox is a social content aggregator, which means that it can collect content from various social media platforms and create a unified ‘feed’ of those posts.

In our experience, we have used this tool purely to create a LinkedIn Company Page feed.

Instructions on how to setup a LinkedIn Company Page feed on your website

To learn how to setup your feed, check out the official guide from TaggBox on how to do this. Available via this link: taggbox.com/blog/embed-linkedin-feed-on-website and by clicking the screenshot above.

Embed LinkedIn Feed on Website
TaggBox includes plenty of information on how to setup your LinkedIn Company Page feed via their website.

Need help with your LinkedIn Company Page feed integration?

If you need help with your setup or want to adjust the design or layout of your LinkedIn Company Page Feed, make sure to contact the web development and WordPress experts here at Stone Digital to discuss further.

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